About Us


We provide granite, marble, onyx, and quartz stone products and treatment services. Wide choice of stone countertops, mosaics, ceramic and stone tiles for interior and exterior designs.


All our products are imported by us, thus every tile and slab is carefully picked from the manufacturer. In our stores you will find exquisite design interior materials. We also offer great discounts for you loyal customers!

In our store you will find various stone made products. The use of natural stone material in the interior design is wide. Granite products are becomic more popular because of it's durability, and we can offer over 50 different types of granite made products.

We can offer stone cutting, sanding and other treatment processing due to our advanced CNC cutting facility. Each product can be cut by client's request to precise measurements, be it countertops, tiles, or windowsills.

Our architects and interior designers will find best solutions for your requests. To find out more information, please visit our shops in Klaipeda, Vilnius or Šiauliai.

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